Basta to Violence against Women

Amidst a machista, patriarchical society, young leaders–women and men–raise their voices to say Basta! Enough! to violence against women. Below is a CANTERA Youth Leader’s reflection on violence prevention:

“Basta to Violence Against Women” by Victor Mercado

All women experience the violence of street harassment. As men, we should respect all women. For this reason, I say “basta” to violence. Basta to repeating what our grandfathers, fathers, uncles, and brothers do to women. Let’s make a change. Let’s prevent the street harassment from which women in our society suffer.

Let’s construct a more equitable society by first making changes in our own families, then with our friends. We are youth working for violence prevention. We are agents of change.

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Photograph and reflection by Victor Mercado, CANTERA Youth Leader. Victor’s photograph and reflection were among the 15 finalists in CANTERA’s 8th Photo Contest for Social Change.

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