A Letter from Anabel Torres: CANTERA Update


Dearest Friends of CANTERA, friends of Nicaragua,

As we write today, we request you keep Nicaragua and its people in your thoughts and prayers.

As you may have heard in the news, Nicaragua has been experiencing social and political unrest since last week. In this situation, CANTERA seeks to foster peace as we continue supporting the communities where we work.

CANTERA strives to promote the well-being and sustainable development of the vulnerable communities we serve and in light of the country’s current situation, we continue to support Nicaraguans as the country seeks peace and social stability; we support the healing of individuals, families, and communities that have been most strongly affected by recent violence.

In conjunction with many other non-profits in Nicaragua, CANTERA is acting in solidarity to support countless communities. We are still actively supporting the leadership, development, and empowerment which you so generously support.

With much love, we send hugs from Nicaragua to you. Please hope for compassion, peace, and love for Nicaragua. We have no doubt that this intention will multiply throughout the world.

In solidarity,




CANTERA – Center of Communication and Popular Education
Founder and Director

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