CANTERA Continues Amidst Uncertainty

Dear Friends,

We are deeply grateful for the support you are sharing during this difficult time in Nicaragua. Throughout the country, political and civil unrest continues to affect almost every part of society.


CANTERA is constantly adapting to the national crisis. Staff goes into work daily, but most activities and workshops have been put on hold for the time being.

In all communities where CANTERA accompanies, the people are using the leadership and empowerment they have developed to adapt and support each other. In urban areas, for example, the safest times and places are chosen for youth to receive psychological and emotional support, which is currently a priority.

Additionally, CANTERA is working to maintain stability throughout this crisis so that we can fully engage with Nicaraguan communities when the opportunities arise. Violence continues to deeply affect the communities CANTERA accompanies, especially urban youth and their families; the need for trauma, healing, and psychological support is and will continue to be great.

Finally, we want to share with you that two employees of the CANTERA Development Office have just moved back to the States. Andy and Rose are deeply grateful for the lives they have led thus far in Nicaragua and are going to be returning to their respective home states. This challenging decision was made for a number of reasons, including safety.

The Development Coordinator, Bill, will continue working in full capacity as CANTERA Liaison to Friends of Cantera. Please contact him at with further questions or information.

Please continue to keep CANTERA and Nicaragua in your thoughts and prayers.

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