The Ciudad Sandino Play Center


The sky is the limit. These inspirational words grace the front door of CANTERA’s recently opened Play Center in Ciudad Sandino. Weekly, 70 preschoolers and kindergarteners come here to continue learning after school—while having fun.

In the 1908s, CANTERA founded a Community Preschool which educated thousands of Ciudad Sandino’s children over the course of 30 years. The preschool closed in 2018 to follow the current Nicaraguan educational model and CANTERA’s financial reality. In its place, the Play Center opened to continue imparting holistic education for the community’s youngest members.

Through games, books, dance, theatre, art, and sports, the Play Center is full of endless, educational fun for the community’s little ones. Because these children are falling in love with learning at a young age, they are so much more likely to love learning for the rest of their lives. As have hundreds who have walked through CANTERA’s doors before them, these children will become the community’s architects, computer technicians, leaders, business owners, university professors, social workers, and Play Center Teachers.

Two teachers volunteer their time and love at the Play Center. Committed community members keep the Play Center thriving with their volunteer work and enormous hearts.

The teachers get parents involved in their children’s’ education—a key element for kid’s overall success and well-being. The parents have formed committees to support the Play Center’s in everything from building maintenance to organizing activities for the children.

Of course, the final element that helps make the Play Center a reality is you. With your solidarity and kindness, extracurricular education for Ciudad Sandino’s children is possible.

Thanks to you, the sky really is the limit at CANTERA’s Play Center.

2 thoughts on “The Ciudad Sandino Play Center”

  1. I love it! Cuidad Sandino has had a special place in my heart for 20 years. My visits there have lifted my spirits, given me hope, and inspired me.

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